About Me

With the love and support of my parents, I had the privilege of graduating from St. Bernard’s High School in Playa del Rey with accolades. The scholarships I received allowed me to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, where I graduated in three short years.

While there, I was asked to join the Zeta Kappa Sorority that had a heart for outreach which mirrored my own values. I studied a trimester abroad in London and had the most amazing experience of my life traveling to Paris, Switzerland, Scotland and France. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to travel! One of my favorite memories is being selected to ride the float that Pepperdine had in the Rose Parade.

After graduating with a degree in Film Television Production, I worked at CBS Studios as a Page, making the famous nametags for contestants on ‘The Price Is Right.’ I sat in cold control rooms of soap operas staring at the light because phones could not ring in busy control rooms, such as ‘The Young & The Restless’, and ‘The Bold and The Beautiful.’ The entertainment industry can be a challenging place to work and I prayed for a more consistent job.

The Lord heard my prayers and after a week at a temp company, I was sent to Paramount Studios to answer phones and assist the Office Manager for Eddie Murphy’s Production Company. Those typing skills my Aunt Cleo had always encouraged me to have were paying off! After a month in Eddie’s office, I was offered a full position working directly for Eddie’s Manager/Co-Producer, Mark Lipsky and what a time I had!

When Eddie decided to move his office to New York and get married I was asked to go with him. I had always wanted to live in New York and I was completely blessed to go with a job! I stayed in New York for ‘The Distinguished Gentleman’ and ‘Boomerang’, loving every second of it. But I knew it was not the place to raise a family and that brought me back to Los Angeles.

Within two years of returning, I reunited with my first boyfriend, and we’ve been married twenty years! When we were first married in 1997, we came to this valley to escape the city. We lived in Stevenson Ranch in what use to be known as Mountain Terrace. At that time we would attend open houses and come back crying that the model homes were $400,000.00.

Daryl, recently retired from the Navy and I, with my entertainment background, decided we needed to make a change that would help us reach our goals. Again we prayed for an answer and God led us to an interview with one of the most acclaimed affordable housing developers in Los Angeles County, Tom Safran.

My husband said there was no way that an owner would hire the two of us with no property management background but apparently Tom saw something in us and entrusted his 118 unit affordable housing, historical landmark, the Montecito, to us. For seven years my husband, Daryl, and I lived on-site as Resident Managers, saving money to purchase our first home. In that position we were responsible for the physical wellbeing of the property as well as the elderly population we lived with.

We had parties, lunches, dinners, planned trips to Las Vegas and the residents became apart of our family. Then we had our first son, Ryan, and we remained on site until we found out we were pregnant with our second child, Danée. We wanted our children to grown up in a home so with the money we saved we were able to purchase our first home in Old Orchard.
One Saturday afternoon while walking our son in the stroller we passed a building, walked in and met a pastor there, returned the next day to attend the church, His Way, and have been members ever since.

Our church family has been there so much for us, helping us grow as individuals and together we have served in many capacities. My husband has been on the Council four times and led the Men’s Ministry. For myself, in the last fourteen years, I have served in the following ministries:

His Way Church Service

Family Promise Coordinator
Produced/Directed Christmas Productions
Director Drama Ministry
Church Administrator
Easter in the Park – Food Service Coordinator
Worship Team
Youth Leader

Grace Baptist Church

Awana Afternoon Commander (7 years)

West Creek Academy

Talent Show Chairman (7 years)
Women in History Chairman (7 years)
Morning Valet Coordinator (5 years)
Room Mom (5 years)
PTA (7 years)

Women’s Council of Realtors

Membership Director (2 years)

Out of everything I have done with my life, helping families find homes has been the most fulfilling work I have ever done. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way and I would love to partner with you in finding the home your family has always wanted!